You want the most out of life. Better yet, you demand it. At PUSH Fitness, our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself possible. Our coaches and certified personal trainers have the experience, knowledge and motivation to help you achieve all your health & fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight or body fat to improve your health, increase your stamina for an athletic event, strengthen your bone density or develop muscle tone and definition just to be proud of what you see in the mirror, the team at PUSH Fitness can help.


Our personal and group training classes are perfect for you if enjoy the camaraderie and support of training with a group but need an individualized program and flexibility in scheduling.


We don’t approach fitness like it’s an extreme sport. Yes, you need to work hard, but you also need to work smart! We focus on long-term goals and teach you how to move safely so you can be healthy and active every day for the rest of your life.


At PUSH Fitness, everyone on staff is committed to your success. We believe there’s strength in numbers and with an extensive support system, you’ll not only reach your fitness goals, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

But don’t just take our word for it!

  • An absolutely fantastic workout! I’ve only been to a couple classes, but I’m hooked.”

    Tina Marie Houston, TX
  • One of the best trainers in the Houston/Katy area, but even a better person!!! I highly recommend Mike.”

    Ryan Terry Houston, TX
  • Mike cares about his clients and will do whatever it takes to help them reach their goals . All they have to do is follow his plan and his system.”

    Mayra Alexander Katy, TX
  • He truly cares about the people he’s training and wants to help and push you to achieve your fitness goals.I’m happy to refer my friends here.”

    Lindsey Crow Houston, TX
  • I love how Mike goes around to make sure we are in correct form. I love how each workout is different and there is no muscle group left abandoned. I love how it helps me release all those negative vibes in me and I finish all smiles but tired ! I love how my small muscle group twitches from fatigue. I love that Mike pushes us but acknowledges our limitations.”

    Ces Stewart Houston, TX
  • Mike has trained me and my daughter and I must say it has been the Best training he listens to you when you say you have reached your limit. Even though I have fell off, I will be back! Mike keeps In touch with me, he sends encouraging messages to me and my family to make sure I’m doing something until I get back with him, he keeps me on my toes and he Genuinely cares about you!”

    Morticia Houston, TX
  • Mike is a great person and an amazing trainer. It’s very obvious that he loves his job and cares about his clients. He’s a great guy with great character! I’m very happy that I found this boot camp and I’m happy to refer my friends here.”

    Evie Slothower Houston, TX
  • I started working out with Mike Louis 3 months ago twice a week in the beginning doing bootcamp, and now am up to five times a week adding strength training as well. I feel so much better and I’m in the best condition in years. You don’t feel like being pushed to train, rather you end up pushing yourself to your limit and knowing you can finish the workouts and look forward to the next. That’s what makes Mike and Push Fitness stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Other friends who have shared in the experience agree wholeheartedly. Don’t take our word; try it out yourself.”

    Tim F. Houston, TX
  • I have been training with Mike and the team at Push Fitness, my body has completely changed. Mike is very positive and motivating.”

    Carrie Sheppard Houston, TX
  • It’s great! Mike is great, pays attention to everyone, motivates you, and definitely knows his stuff! I’ve been going for around 3 months now and have seen major changes and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon!”

    Jaime Troville Dunn Houston, TX
  • Love, love, love working out at Push Fitness and at school with Courtney and Mike. They are very knowledgeable and know a lot about the body, how it works, how to achieve the body you want. Very comfortable environment!! Enjoying the workout!!”

    Megan Sullivan Houston, TX
  • Definitely a game changer. Challenged me from the moment I walked in the door. Take the time to check out a session and feel the burn. What ever your goals are you can achieve them. There is something for everyone at Push fitness.”

    Harold Moore Houston, TX
  • Nine months ago I started on my weight loss journey with Push fitness although I have not been as consistant as I would like one thing has been and that’s Mike’s constant motivation. After my first few months I dropped my weight goal of 15lbs and Mike encouraged me to keep going, after a few more weeks my hectic schedule made it hard for me to stay committed. With most places that would have been the end but not with Mike and Push fitness. You see, Mike knew I had bigger goals so after being gone a few weeks he would send random motivational messages, no big deal most would think but for people like me who need the constant Push it ment a lot that he didn’t give up on me like I had given up on myself. Needless to say I am back and already down 5lbs thanks to him and his awesome trainers I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

    Erica Yonan Houston, TX
  • Training with Mike has not only allowed me to lead a healthier lifestyle but more importantly has given me the resources to recover from all of my sports injuries. Mike is the reason why I have the motivation, endurance, determination and strength to get past my setbacks, push towards my old athletic abilities and reach my new goals.”

    Jennifer Perkins Houston, TX
  • I began attending PUSH after I realized the gym wasn’t doing for me anymore, I had recently joined the gym and after months of hard work and dedication I dropped around 30 lbs but I had reached that awful point where I plateaued and the weight and inches were no longer coming off! I needed something more.. Push kicked my butt like nothing else! One hour of hardcore shred was what my body was craving!! I quickly began seeing my body changing and I could feel the change! Mike is an amazing trainer and makes you feel like a friend! I recommend everyone to try it! If you want to drop fat, maintain or just feel better.. It’s totally worth it!! 🙂 thanks, Mike Louis! “

    Iliana Cadena Houston, TX
  • I have always felt that Mike has put my needs first. Mike’s attention to form is flawless, and each rep is worth the effort. He is patient and only increases our workouts when he feels we are ready for it. He is attentive and attuned to me, and can tell when there are days that I need “extra care.” I am particularly impressed with Mike’s wide range of knowledge in the fields or nutrition and exercise. He finds different ways to work a particular body part so that we are always interested and never bored. My strength and stamina just keeps growing, and my body definition is wonderful. My company so admired his work ethic that we brought him in as our corporate trainer for a series of sessions.
    Mike’s professionalism, knowledge and flexibility set him apart from other trainers and fitness instructors in his field. Is personality and encouragement keeps me a loyal client. I would not hesitate recommend Mike to anyone for and excellent and motivating trainer.”

    Maureen Wilson Houston, TX
  • I’ve known Mike for 4 years now and I wish I’d been doing a bootcamp with him since day one. Of all the things I like about Mike, his positive attitude is at the top of my list. Mike works hard and expects you to as well. If you will follow his training and give it your all, you will see results!”

    Kathrine Dalton Houston, TX

Class Schedule

Group Training 9:30 am – 10:30 am Mike Louis  
Group Training 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Mike Louis  
Group Training 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Mike Louis  
Group Training 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Joey Leins  

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2X per week


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Monthly Membership allows for up to 2 fitness workouts a week or 8 workouts per month. Only about $12 per class.





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